About Me


I welcome you all for entering my tiny home in this world wide web called "Spices and Secrets" (SnS).

I am Dr. Aditi Paul. A 30-something blogger, researcher and political analyst from New Delhi, India. I started SnS as a place to share my favourite things from career to food and everything in between.

I have always loved being a family person, good food, and simple life's joys.

After becoming mum to a baby girl in the summer of 2017, I began to embrace motherhood and thoroughly enjoy my daughter, Daisy. Of course, life is not the same anymore and as a couple, I and my husband, rarely get the time alone. But life has definitely got richer and not a minute is spent without her smiles, giggles, and naughtiness, all of which we look forward to each day.

Pregnancy and babycare made me take a break professionally and pursue new passions. And, now I split my time between writing for political journals, publishing my PhD thesis and running this website.

Therefore, enjoy reading my writings, pictures, tip and tricks on varied topics. Because SnS truly represents celebrating life, family, baby and creativity.